Corporate Art Commissions

Inspire with a company culture reinforced with good art.

Your company is unique. Its culture attracts talent and its mission inspires work that impacts the world. If you want to stand apart from other organizations, why would you create an office like them?

Instead commission a personal artwork that incorporates your vision and values. The final mural or series of paintings will serve as reminders of your mission, inspire employees and communicate differentiation to visitors and prospective employees.

If you're looking for motivational posters or a closeup of two hands shaking, it's not a good fit. Generic artwork that looks nice and is forgettable is everywhere and lot cheaper than something personal and original from me

Culture comes with a history and a sense of the future. I am excited to work with great companies that recognize place as more than location and believe it's an important part of their story. A corporate commission will help tell that story.

Corporate Commission Process

  1. Look through examples of my work to make sure it fits your taste. If you want an original work of art for your organization, but aren't sure about my style, reach out below anyway. I would be happy to put you in contact with other professional artists that might be a better fit.
  2. We'll meet in person or on the phone to talk about your vision and history, and the details of the project.
  3. I'll submit a proposal based on our conversation with concept drawings, timeline, and budget. If you accept the proposal and sign off, I'll begin working. 50% of the project budget is paid upfront and 50% upon delivery.
  4. Final work is delivered with the final invoice, a certificate of authenticity and warranty.

Submit below to start your project.