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My artwork blends abstract and landscapes. Most of these pictures are cityscapes or based on my experience living in and traveling through cities. At the heart of it, I'm interested in landscapes and how we connect with different places. For example I've lived in San Francisco a few times and went on family vacations to the Bay as a kid, so my experience of much of that city is colored by my memories. But, when I traveled extensively for work, I found myself in new places every week. It was disorienting but refreshing. I had to notice my surroundings, because I couldn't get anywhere on autopilot.

Beyond that experience of how we relate to places, locations can have deep meaning in our lives. The schools we attended, our first houses, the time we got lost or abandoned. Many people can outline their lives by the places they've been. After looking at my pictures, I want people to take notice of where they are now.

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